Why Can’t It Just Be?

When it comes to social media’s impact on language and communication, is there a concrete negative or positive impact? In our society, people have become accustomed to the language of social media, but are they really being helped or harmed by it?

I think that there is both a negative and a positive impact to our society on language and communication through the use of social media. There isn’t a concrete answer because we follow through the process of adaptation. We can still use our words we use with each other and language and communication skills of years past, however we learn to communicate and adapt to language as years move forward in time. For example, when we communicate with one another, our words are “more malleable than formal writing,” and ” the mass audience afforded by social media is a recipe for rapid change.” (Jon Reed, How Social Media Is Changing a=Language). We are clearly adapting, but still hold on to what we know from when we begin to learn in schools and simply coming across words or language we are unfamiliar with.

On the oppositions, the positive side might say that we are more interconnected, and have more communication with each other than years before. People in businesses are even experiencing this, learning more about their coworkers through the use of social media. As we continue to move through society we are “going to be exposing more about ourselves online in our careers,” (Randi Zuckerburg).

Social media

However, along with the negative impacts, people are becoming more isolated. They are living off by themselves, meeting people online and more likely to not even know the people in their own neighborhoods. People don’t talk to each other when they are sitting right next to each other. The positive and negative impacts are evident, being “electronically connected to the globe, and yet we feel utterly alone.” (Dan Brown).

On the positive spectrum, people are using the forums of social media to express their creativity and innovations. It creates and effective form of communication for artists and innovators to change the way society looks at things in their world. This is demonstrated by the mass use of Pinterest, a website that allows people to share their ideas, currently having “70 million users” and “2.5 billion page views per month” (Cendrine Marrouat).

On the negative side, this could also be an issue, because more innovative and unique ideas are becoming less and less creative. The amount of communication has cause people to not create, but copy the work of others. This negatively impacts our society into thinking that we don’t have to be creative, just copy the work of others.

Although society has become accustomed to the ways of language and society, it may not be a concrete negative or positive thing. What can’t it just be?

Sidney Spears, Sophomore Student at Franklin-Simpson High School






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